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Digital Up-Grading System_EN

Digital Up-Grading System_EN

Dynakit 3542 series retrofit systems;

Regardless of the age and the model of the system, any system can be converted into digital system.

With portable flat panel detector, images can be acquired from both table and stand

Converted systems use the same software used in digital systems. There is no difference between them.

Organ programs can be prepared with one PC.

X-ray generator control (some model - opt)

PC based image enhancement unit. With DICOM compatible data transfer, can be connected to PACS and DICOM printers.

19” touch screen that can use all parameters which acquire digital images less than 10 seconds.

A database which can hold all patients permanently or temporarily and export images to CD / DVD with DICOM 3.0 format.

To send images, network connection, monitor, keyboard (or trackball), mouse and hand exposure button.

To print out from a DICOM compatible printer or to see the images from other workstations, network connection protocols.

When required, one touch access to desired image.

DICOM 3.0 store, print, worklist, send, storage, query, retrieve specifications.

Archiving with CD / DVD and MPPS (optional)

Touchscreen workstation. (optional)

Entering patient information manually or calling patient information from HIS/RIS/PACS systems.




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