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X-Ray Generators_EN

X-Ray Generators_EN

Siemens offers GEN RF generators in the 30 kW to 80 kW output range, which are suitable for radiography and fluoroscopy X-ray applications.

Available features include Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), high speed starter, conventional or pulsed fluoroscopy for dose reduction and tube overload protection. For use with single phase mains supply, we provide an Energy Storage Unit (ESU) for 30 kW and 55 kW versions.

The X-ray generators are prepared for digital systems with CAN, RS 232 or ethernet interfaces.

Available console versions:
◾ Touch screen panel
◾ Key console with organ program option
◾ Mini console for use in DR environment
Our generators also support 3rd party tubes and AEC detectors from other manufacturers. We also have experience in the design and manufacture of monoblocks to cover virtually all X-ray imaging requirements.




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