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Dinamik Röntgen company was founded on 15th March 2001 by major Turkey X-ray equipment manufacturers as their global sales channel with the aim to create their own marketing structure and to control the entire distribution process of their products.

Dinamik Röntgen is a modern, industrial, human, and competitive alternative due to its international network, its efficient after-sales service, full integrated systems and last not least due to the excellent price-quality ratio of its product range.

The quality of the products from the Dinamik Rontgen is the result of many years of work in partnership with the biggest medical imaging companies

Dinamik Rontgen proposes a very complete range coming from 2 specialist factories fully integrated to its distributors.

Mechanical production site:
Company owners have more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of radiographic stands, Bucky tables, Ceiling tube stand, u-arm stands and integrated radiological diagnostic systems.

More than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and integrating x-ray systems with radiological equipment Creativity and technological innovation, flexibility and dedication to its customers: these are the qualities that Dinamik Röntgen offers on the digital diagnostic medical equipment market.

The factory has a quality control system that encourages innovation and continuous evolution so as to deliver the highest standards both of the products and of the service to the customers

Dinamik Röntgen factory has ISO9001, ISO 13485 certified.

All products have CE-marked by EMKI

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